Additive Snack Podcast – Injecting Agility and Innovation into Product Development

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Many people mistake failure as a shortcoming of additive manufacturing (AM). In many cases, it is more about the time and effort needed to learn entirely new processes. AM is an enabler of agility. It is helping organizations become more agile and solve problems more effectively. For the past few years, AM has helped companies work around supply chain challenges. By exploring AM as a stop-gap solution, you can overcome temporary disruption, but you can also discover long-term solutions to manufacture more effectively.

In this episode, Host Fabian Alefeld speaks with Rich Stump, co-founder, and CCO of Fathom, an on-demand digital manufacturing service provider that recently announced it is going public. Rich, and Fathom, have been at the forefront of the AM revolution for more than a decade. Rich describes how Fathom has evolved alongside AM’s capabilities. We talk about how Fathom is helping its customers learn how to design for AM, how gateway applications can help new companies adopt AM, and where the AM industry and Fathom are headed in the future. Rich shares insights that only a true additive manufacturing leader could know.