The Smart Manufacturing Roadmap for Northeast Ohio

IIoT Roadmap

The purpose of the Smart Manufacturing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Roadmap for Northeast Ohio is to establish a regional IIoT commercialization strategy, tactical framework and plan of action. This roadmap represents a vision and goals derived from a collaboration of several regional stakeholders.

The Additive Manufacturing Roadmap for Northeast Ohio

The Additive Manufacturing Roadmap creates a clear path forward to the development of a robust additive manufacturing (AM) ecosystem within the Northeast Ohio Region. This document provides a collective effort of the Roadmap Project Team for promoting awareness of AM benefits and a plan of action that leverages the Northeast Ohio Region’s rich manufacturing heritage, unique AM-related assets and talented workforce.

Where is Your Company on the IIoT Journey?

The IIoT Readiness Assessment was developed collaboratively by the Roadmap Project Team and Working Group to be used as a tool to help a company evaluate its digital maturity and readiness for IIoT implementation.

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